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THE East Bohemian Theatre in Pardubice

The theatre was built in 1907 in the late 19th century decorative style an the draft of arch. Balšánek. In 1925-26 was rebuilt on draft of arch. Helmer. After the fire on the stage part in 1931 the whole stage was reconstructed. Additional store of the audience part was built in 1938. Stage part of the theatre was rebuilt in 1999 including the base of the theatre sound and lights operating rooms were newly technically equipped.



width of the main stage – 14 m
depth of the including proscenium – 9 m
height of the main stage – 16 m
area of the back stage – 45 m2
width of the portal’s mirror – 8 m
portal steeples are revolving
portal bridge is movable 6 – 1,5 m above the floor
footbridges are all around the stage
main stage manager on the left, assistant stage manager on the right

Ttheatre technology

Machine equipment
covering curtain with controllable speed
16 pulls, lifting capacity 150 kg
horizontal line straight
big lift placed on the back stage, area 12 m2

Scenic lights
light’s operating room behind auditorium on the II. balcony
amount 150 of controllable circuits

all sockets manageable, max. 2 kW on socket
possible managing from the auditorium

Electro acoustic

sound operating room behind auditorium on the II. balcony
mix panel Yamaha 02R96
portal, contra portal and horizontal speakers
possible managing from the audience
CD, MD...

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